Sweet tea is an American classic, found in abundance in the southern United States. If you’re looking to always have a jug on hand this guide will help you brew the best sweet treat you can!

Begin by brewing the black tea of your choice, such as Argo Tea’s Nilgiri black tea. If you’re looking for a fun twist on the classic, try other types of tea such as a Ginger Peach tea or an Oolong Coconut tea. Brew according to package directions, brewing as much as you’d like. (You’ll probably want to make at least a quart as it’s going to disappear quickly!)

When the tea is brewed, sweeten it to your liking. The traditional Southern Sweet Tea uses about five pounds of white sugar for each gallon of tea, however for a healthier alternative try a sugar substitute such as stevia, or a natural sweetener like honey. Stir in the sweetener until it dissolves and let sit in the refrigerator until cool. Serve over ice, garnish with lemon, and enjoy!

Don’t want to put in the hard work? In a rush and want a porteable drink? Pick up Argo Tea’s Carolina Honey ready-to-drink Carolina Honey, which is our take on the Southern Sweet Tea featuring grade-A Wisconsin wildflower honey and a hint of lemon!