Argo Tea is proud to support our TEAm along with other local artists, in their artistic expression. We are committed to making a difference in our local and global communities by providing a channel for artists to reach out to new audiences. We believe that each expression of CreativiTea is a visible, audible extension of our business that lets Argo Tea’s philosophy and values be seen and heard!

Award-Winning Poster Design

The posters for our special Seasonal Signature Drinks are designed to be as distinguishing as the drinks themselves. We work in tandem with talented graphic designers to develop interesting, creative visual representations that convey the distinctiveness of our Seasonal Drinks.

Explore our Most Popular Designs

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Argo Original Cup Designs

The designs on our cups are as unique as the tea they hold. We work with the best designers in Chicago to develop design series that both reflect and outwardly convey the Argo mood and spirit. Our cups do more than just serve as containers – we design them to also inspire others and announce Argo Tea’s passion to the world.

Argo Tea Cups

Local Art at Argo Tea

We are proud to offer our café walls to local visual artists to display their art. We relish the opportunity to introduce our customers to local creativiTea.

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Live Music at Argo Tea

As part of our ongoing commitment to creativiTea, we provide a stage for local artists while also delighting our customers with a special café experience.

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