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Loose Leaf Teas

The Argo Tea Difference

We hand-pick our teas from the best growers around the world to ensure superior QualiTea™. We infuse our loose tea with only real pieces of fruit, flowers, and other all-natural ingredients. Each of our unique blends can be purchased in our recyclable Argo Tea signature glass bottles. Discover your new favorite loose leaf tea today.

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Caffeine-Free Teas

Trying to relax or keep caffeine out of your diet? Shop our selection of caffeine-free teas. VIEW ALL >

Fruity Teas

Looking for something on the sweet side? Shop our selection of teas that are blended with real pieces of fruit. VIEW ALL >

Guide To Perfect Brewing

Get every drop of flavor out of your tea by following these instructions for brewing the perfect cup. LEARN MORE >

Energizing Teas

Need that extra pick-me-up in
your cup? Shop our selection of
energizing teas high in caffeine. VIEW ALL >

Floral Teas

Seeking unique and delicate flavors in your tea? Shop our selection of floral teas. VIEW ALL >

Guide To Caffeine Levels

Want just the right amount of kick? Compare caffeine levels, and find the right tea for you. LEARN MORE >