English Breakfast Tea Sachets


Our favorite English Breakfast blend is now available in easy-to-use tea sachets! This energizing tea is the perfect addition to your morning routine, and using our silk sachet tea bags takes the muss and fuss out of brewing tea. Featuring a smooth, malty flavor with a subtle hint of smokiness this tea is the perfect AM pick-me-up!

Caffeine Level: High Caffeine 

How to Make Black Tea (Hot):

  1. Use one tea sachet per cup. Open and place in mug.
  2. Brew with 205 degree water, letting steep for about 4 minutes.
  3. Discard tea sachet and enjoy!

How to Make Black Tea (Iced):

  1. Use two sachets per serving of iced tea.
  2. Heat water to nearly boiling, around 205 degrees.
  3. Leave tea to brew for four minutes, avoiding overbrewing.
  4. Take out tea sachets, sweeten to taste, and pour over a big glass of ice.

Tea Recipes: English Breakfast sachets are perfect for cold brewing! Use 1-2 sachets per serving. Place in cold water in the fridge overnight. In the morning discard your sachets and drink up!

English Breakfast Tea Product Details:

  • Whole leaf black tea
  • 15 individually wrapped silk sachets
  • Single Estate tea from both Assam Region, India and Anhui Province, China
  • Garden Direct Collection: Single Estate
  • High caffeine

Ingredients: Assam Black tea and Chinese black tea

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