Argo Tea Vault Season Pass

Enjoy a surprise selection from our Tea Vault delivered to your doorstep each month. We’ve hand-picked only the best blends and flavors that complement the changing seasons of each month, from spicy & comforting teas during the wintertime to fruity, perfect for cold-brew teas for long summer days.

Starting to feel chilly outside? You just may find a canister of Hazelnut Chai waiting for you at home. Trying to beat the summer heat? No sweat, we’ll send some Limonello straight to you.

Enjoy some of our seasonal classics, as well as some yet-to-be discovered teas. No matter the month, you are guaranteed to receive only the finest, premium loose leaf tea blended with real fruit pieces, spices and whole ingredients.

*selection may change subject to availability, but never compromised on quality



Green Tea Cinnamon Orange Tea

The aroma of this tea as it steeps will have your home feeling like the holidays in no time. A fragrant combination of green tea blended with orange peels and cinnamon, each sip will fill the end of your year with warmth and cheer.

Caffeine Level: Moderate

Curious to see what you’ll receive?

Here are our last three monthly selections
November’S TEA
Rooibos Pomegranate
October’S TEA
Hazelnut Chai Tea
September’S TEA
Blueberry White Tea

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Argo Tea Vault Season Pass ship?

Anywhere within the U.S. Unfortunately at this time, we do not support orders for the Argo Tea Vault Season Pass that require international shipping outside of the US.

How do I gift the Argo Tea Vault Season Pass ?

Simply click on “Subscribe or Gift” to purchase your Season Pass. We’ll send the teas each month to the address provided as a “shipping address” whether it’s for yourself or you are giving the most tearrific gift known to tea lovers.

Can you tell me which teas I will receive?

We’d love to tell you! But, we also think there is a certain fun in keeping a little mystery, too. What we can let you know is that each tea has been carefully curated and specifically chosen for that month, based on flavor profile, seasonal affinity and month-to-month variety. You’ll never receive back-to-back black teas, or two chai blends in three months. Our Tea Vault is vast, and we’re pretty sure you won’t be bored with our selection.

I don’t like the tea I received. Can I get another?

We understand the tea we send may occasionally, maybe, quite possibly not be everyone’s cup of tea (although we think the chances are slim). Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Argo Tea Season Pass, we cannot accept returns unless your tea arrives damaged or defective.

Can I download a gift receipt or card to wrap if I bought as a gift?

Yes! Please find downloadable PDFs:
6 month subscription   12 month subscription

When will I receive my first box after signing up?

Your first monthly tea will be processed immediately after you sign up and on your doorstep very soon thereafter! We’ll continue to prepare and send out your featured tea each month on that same day for the next 5 or 11 months, depending upon which Argo Tea Vault Season Pass you have purchased.

How can I review and track the teas I receive?

Soon you’ll be able to log in and review your tea shipments on this site. For now, however, we’ll be happy to look up that information for you. Just email us at

How do I update my shipping/account info?

Soon you’ll be able to log in and edit your account information on this site. For now, however, we’ll be happy to make those changes for you. Just email us at

Can I cancel at any time?

While we’d be very sorry to see you go, yes, you can cancel at any time during your active Season Pass period. Contact us at and we will refund a pro-rated amount for your unshipped monthly boxes.

I didn’t receive my order. What do I do?

You can email the Argo Customer Service Team at Our department is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm CST.

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