Sencha Green Tea Sachets

Sencha Green Tea Sachets

Sencha Green Tea Sachets®

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Your favorite green tea blend is now easier than ever to brew! Our Sencha Green Tea is now available in sachet form, meaning you don't need a teapot or infuser to brew, and no tea leaves to clean up! Sencha Green Tea has a lush, grassy flavor and light mouthfeel which makes it perfect for a morning energy boost or an afternoon pick-me-up.  

Caffeine Level: Moderate Caffeine 

How to Make Green Tea (Hot):

  1. Use one all-natural silk sachet, place into a mug.
  2. Pour 195 degree water over the sachet and allow to brew for two minutes. (Be careful to not brew for much longer, or your tea will be bitter!)
  3. Remove sachet from mug and sip away!

How to Make Green Tea (Iced):

  1. Use two sachets for brewing a cup of iced tea.
  2. Heat water to about 195 degrees Fahrenheit and steep tea for about 2 minutes.
  3. When tea is done brewing, discard sachets and pour over ice. Sweeten to taste.

Tea Recipes: Sencha Green Tea is perfect for creating an energizing afternoon cocktail. Add lemonade, fresh berries, and the spirit of your choice for a great garden party drink!

Sencha Green Tea Product Details:

  • 15 individually wrapped FDA-approved food grade nylon sachets/bags
  • Single Estate tea from Ise Bay, Mie Prefecture, Japan
  • Net Wt 1.06 oz
  • All natural premium loose leaf herbal tea, with no artificial ingredients, additives or colors
  • Moderate caffeine

Ingredients: Organic Sencha Green Tea.

$ 9.95 USD

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