Tea Trio - Black Teas

Looking to explore the world of black tea? Start here! Our Black Teas Tea Trio will deliver to your door three of our favorite black tea blends.

Start with our best-selling Earl Grey Creme, an Argo Tea take on the traditional Earl Grey. Black tea blends with bergamot oil and a hint of vanilla to create a smooth and fragrant cup of tea. Earl Grey Creme is delicious on its own or with a touch of milk!

Next, try a delicious twist on a classic spicy favorite! Argo Tea's Hazelnut Chai is a spiced Assam tea with a hazelnut kick. Ginger, cinnamon, and liquorice root combine to give this tea a warming, fragrant cup perfect with a hint of almond milk!

Finally, be adventurous with Argo Tea's most unique blend, our Strawberry Pepper black tea. Black pepper and sweet strawberry battle for your pallete's affection, and no matter what the winner is you! If you're looking for an extra spicy kick try the tea hot, and if you're looking for something a little sweeter, try it iced!

Want to know how to brew black tea? It's easy! Use 1-2 tsps of tea for every 8oz of water you'd like to brew. Heat your water to about 195ºF and brew for 4 minutes! To make iced tea, double the tea used and pour over ice when brewing is complete.

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