What is Bubble Tea?

Bubble tea (also known as boba or milk tea) originated in Taiwan in the 1980’s. The drink features tea (usually a black tea or green tea) and milk as well as a chewy treat at the bottom of the cup, traditionally tapioca or popping boba. When served, bubble teas are sipped out of a thick straw in order to suck up the fun, textured snacks at the bottom of the cup. The drink is traditionally served iced, however in recent years hot variations on the drink have begun to bubble up in many café chains.

At Argo Tea, our bubble teas use our all-natural tea blends (like our Nilgiri black tea or our Sencha green tea) and a unique addition: instead of tapioca, we feature Nata de Coco, a common dessert in the Philippines. Nata de Coco is naturally vegan and gluten free as well as high in fiber. If you’re looking for an introduction to bubbles teas, Argo’s Nata de Coco-based bubble teas are a great way to start your journey! Our build-your-own option means that no matter your preferences you’ll find the best bubble tea!