Jasmine Teamosa

Fragrant, floral Green Tea White Jasmine gets a splash of sparkling orange juice for a refreshing twist on the weekend brunch staple.

When one of our founders was visiting a small tea shop in Taiwan, inspiration hit. Could we combine traditional, jasmine-infused Chinese green tea with fresh-squeezed orange juice? The answer was a resounding yes, and Jasmine Teamosa was born. Our take on the classic Mimosa cocktail starts with Green Tea White Jasmine loose leaf tea—the green tea is spread on long tables and dried jasmine flowers are placed on top, imparting their unmistakable fragrance into the tea leaves. We brew the perfumed tea, pour over ice and squeeze an orange right into the cup. Finally, a splash of sparkling water and just a bit of liquid cane sugar completes the irresistible, fizzy mix of tea and juice.