Type of Tea: Whole Leaf Green Tea

Tea Estate/Region: Maruei Tea Estate

Country: Japan

Lightly steamed to preserve the character of the leaves, this tea typifies the light grassy flavor you'd expect from the best senchas.

Surrounded by 4,000 hectares of green tea estates, Maruei is located at 300m above sea level, overlooking Ise Bay in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Ise is famous for having the most sacred and one of the oldest Shinto shrines of Japan, dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. "Ise-cha'' green tea leaves have more than an 800 year history. Our partner tea plantation, Maruei, combines a state of the art facility with traditional tea agriculture techniques to provide products of the highest quality. The HACCP aligned state of the art facility has successfully decreased bacteria to nearly 0% and has maximally controlled the possibility of cross-contamination. With its relentless commitment to safety and reliability, Maruei continuously innovates in order to supply the highest quality products.