Pai Mu Tan

Type of Tea: Whole Leaf White Tea

Tea Estate/Region: Fujian Province

Country: China

Picked from the tiniest buds in early Spring, this white tea presents delicate fruit and floral notes that will delight the palate.

Finding its origins in the Fujian province in China, white tea draws its name from the white hairs that cover the young buds of the Camillia sinensis plant.  Our White tea is a high grade Pai Mu Tan and yields a delicate and sweet, almost honey-like undertone taste. The standard picking of two leaves to one bud and process that consists of steaming and drying either by sunlight or indoors, helps preserve polyphenols and powerful antioxidants! Studies suggest white tea also helps combat high cholesterol, aids the immune system and improves digestive ailments! Rare and difficult to obtain due to increasing global demands, we are proud to serve such qualiTea white tea! Our direct relationship with farmers from the Jian Yang, Fuding, and Zheng He counties in the north east quarter of Fujian province, allows us to monitor and maintain exceptional flavor, nutrients, and aromatic characteristics.