How to Make Sun Tea

Sun tea is a method of brewing iced tea that involves placing tea bags in a glass jar and allowing it to sit in the sun for hours. This steeping method allows for the flavor of the tea to be extracted while not releasing tannins, the chemical compound that provides that bitter “tea taste” some people dislike.

The United States Center for Disease Control has issued memos warning against brewing sun tea, as the method does not allow for the tea to become hot enough to kill off bacteria, which can lead to illness.

At Argo Tea, we suggest instead cold brewing (or “refrigerator brewing”) teas. Instructions can be found on our How to Make Cold Brew page. All teas will taste delicious after being cold brewed, thanks to the lack of tannins, however we suggest trying lighter teas, such as our Green Tea White Jasmine, or fruity tea blends such as our White Peach.

If you’re too excited to wait for your tea to brew, Argo Tea also sells a line of lightly sweetened cold brewed teas in ready-to-drink bottles, including our Cold Brew Biodynamic Darjeeling black tea and Cold Brew Armenian Mint.