Cafe Collection

From The Cafe

The full menu of teas that we serve at our cafes and kiosks are always evolving. Inspired by creative mixologists and intelligent nutritionists, every sip is 100% natural, made with real ingredients and nourishing with smart calories. Visit our cafés. Try something new. Tell us what you think. Live a life more flavorful!

Seasonal Drinks

Hot / Iced
  • Hibiscus Tea Passion

    Vitamin-rich hibiscus tea with passion fruit

    CAL 230

  • Matcha Mint Teappuccino®

    Refreshing Armenian Mint blended with earthy matcha powder and the milk of your choice

    Caffeine Free | CAL 210

  • Fruit Sangria

    Tangy hibiscus tea blended with dried fruits and rosehips

    Caffeine Free | unsweetened | CAL 0


Hot / Iced
  • Chai

    Sweet, spicy and creamy blend of Assam Black Tea with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom & vanilla

    CAL 190 / 120

  • Matcha Vanilla™

    Stone ground fine Japanese Green Tea with sweet vanilla and cream

    CAL 150 / 130

  • Earl Grey Vanilla Crème™

    Classic Black Tea infused with citrusy bergamot and sweet vanilla

    CAL 140 / 130

Argo Originals

Hot / Iced
  • Carolina Honey®

    Energizing black tea from Nilgiri, India with wildflower honey & splash of lemon

    CAL 150 / 120

  • Green Tea Ginger Twist®

    Antioxidant-rich Japanese Sencha, spicy ginger pieces & a twist of lemon

    CAL 130 / 120

  • Hibiscus Apple Cider®

    Vitamin-rich hibiscus flowers, crisp apples & touch of caramel

    CAL 130 / 80

Bubble Tea

  • Black Tea Coconut

    Black Milk Tea and coconut with all natural, vegan & gluten-free nata de coco jellies

    CAL 240

  • Green Tea Raspberry

    Green Milk Tea and raspberries with all natural, vegan & gluten-free nata de coco jellies

    CAL 240

  • White Tea Mango

    White Milk Tea and mango with all natural, vegan & gluten-free nata de coco jellies

    CAL 240

Tea Squeeze

  • Hibiscus Lemonade

    Half thirst-quenching hibiscus flowers & half freshly squeezed lemonade

    CAL 170

  • MojiTea®

    Refreshing Armenian mint, vitamin-rich lime juice, & a hint of pure cane sugar

    CAL 90

  • Hibiscus Tea Sangria

    Summery hibiscus flowers topped with a medley of fresh cut fruits & sparkling water

    CAL 120

Tea Classics

  • Fruit Sangria

    Thirst-quenching hibiscus petals and apples

    Caffeine Free | unsweetened

  • Black Tea

    Energizing Nilgiri from Southern India


  • Green Tea

    Rejuvenating Japanese Sencha with Matcha


  • White Tea

    The most delicate tea buds picked early spring


  • Armenian Mint

    Refreshing Mint Tea from Armenia

    Caffeine Free | unsweetened

  • Earl Grey

    Classic Black Tea blend of bergamot & vanilla


  • Hazelnut Chai

    A nutty, spicy, and smooth assam black tea with a hint of hazelnut


  • Rooibos Goji Berry

    South African Red Tea & superfruit goji berries