Argo Tea's Response To The Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis

To Our Valued CommuniTEA,

For nearly seventeen years we have woken up every day with one thing on our mind: our community. While we are all passionate about tea, we have always understood that a cup of tea is nothing without someone to share it with. It has been you, our friends, family, and neighbors, that give each cup of tea meaning. You are the reason that we wake up early and stay up late. It is your love and compassion that raises Argo Tea from just another cafe to a place that feels like home.

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to change the way we interact with one another, we have needed to review the ways that we can connect with our communities that we care for. Over the last week, Argo Tea has worked with our own staff and licensed partners to suspend operations at many of our cafes. Today we remain open in just a few key areas of our business: Airports and Hospitals. It is important to our team that we support our fearless TSA workers and our healthcare heroes at this critical time.

In our cafes we are maintaining the highest food safeTEA standards including strict sanitation routines, pick-up or delivery-only options, and paid sick leave for our TeaMembers. In addition, over the last few weeks we have temporarily suspended our reusable cup program and our in-café dining options so we can keep our customers and our TeaMembers safe. We are closely monitoring the CDC's guidelines for food service and will continue to update our practices to meet them.

It is at moments of crisis that the true heart of a community shines. We've had the privilege of seeing the hearts of our community every single day, and we know better than anyone that your warmth is radiant. We move forward with confidence knowing that we are in this with you all.

If you have any additional questions or if there's anything we can do to support you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

We miss you and look forward to serving you your favorite cup of tea once again.

With love,
The Argo Tea TEAm

How Much Caffeine in Green Tea?

While tea is often consumed for its various benefits (such as its natural antioxidants) it is also loved across the world for its abilitea to give the drinker a nice burst of energy. All non-herbal teas are naturally caffeinated, but the amount of caffeine varies due to a number of factors.


Green Tea is generally considered to be moderately caffeinated, however amount of tea brewed, length of brewing, and how the tea was processed. While many manufacturers provide a specific milligram count for caffeine in their products, Argo Tea does not due to the variability of caffeine from tea to tea and cup to cup. For comparison, black tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee and green tea has less caffeine than black tea.

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